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Majestic House, Staines-upon-Thames

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Evidence  recorded  during  the  current  fieldwork  indicate  human
activity  on  the  Site  from  the  Mesolithic  (10,000  –  4000  BC),
Neolithic/Bronze Age (4000 – 700 BC), Iron Age (700 BC – AD 43),
Roman  (2nd  –  4th  centuries  AD)  and  medieval  (12th  –  15th
centuries)  periods.  The  Site  has  been  attractive  for  human
occupation  and  activity  since  the  Early  Holocene  because  of  the
relatively  resource-rich  riverine  environment,  close  to  the
confluence  of  the  Thames  and  Colne  rivers.  One  of  the  most
significant  finds  was  a  barrow  ring-ditch  of  Late  Neolithic/Early
Bronze  Age  date  with  a  small  number  of  similarly  dated  pits  and
postholes. Features of this date in the Staines area are very rare,
those of ritual significance even less.
Later  activity  is  represented  by  drainage  ditches  and  settlement
respectively in the west and east of the  Site, for both Roman and
medieval periods.  A single pit in the north-west of the Site was the
only evidence of activity of the Iron Age on the Site; this reflects the
very  poorly  represented  Middle  and  Late  Iron  Age  periods  in  the
Staines area generally. Many of the medieval field/drainage ditches
in the northwest of the Site were re-cut, but maintained in the same
location and alignments, in the post -medieval period (17th  –  19th

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  • Lat/Long: 51.435250, -0.50810852
  • OS Grid Reference: TQ 03800 71750